What Are Soft Teeth?

People who believe that they have “soft teeth” usually visit their dentist more often because of toothaches, cavities, tooth sensitivity, and other problems regardless of how diligent they are in terms of their oral care. But, “soft teeth” is actually not a thing. A lot of people who claim to have these teeth usually have teeth that are less likely to endure from day to day wear and tear even if you have the best daily oral hygiene. Thankfully, you can do something to secure your teeth and make them less likely to be susceptible to the cavity and can tolerate even daily use.

Soft teeth causes

Acid reflux or heartburn makes your teeth less prone to cavities due to impacted enamel. Once the stomach acid streams from your stomach to your esophagus and mouth, your teeth will be subjected to acid that causes acid. The damage due to stomach acid is worse than the acids of other harmful substances that potentially cause cavities, such as soda and sugar.

Below are some of the potential culprits that can influence the perception of soft feet and weakened enamel:

  • Baby teeth infections
  • Bacteria
  • Dental decay
  • Trauma
  • Vitamin deficiency
  • Malnutrition
  • Fever
  • Hormonal imbalances

It is vital not to confuse bad oral health routine with the mistaken belief that you have soft teeth. For you not to mistake one from the other, you can always contact your trusted dentist within your area and have your teeth diagnosed and fixed right away in case of extreme cases.

How can I know when I have soft teeth?

Perhaps you might be speculating whether you are having cavities or you have soft teeth since you’ve got literal soft teeth eventually. Well, that’s probably not always the case, and here are some of the reasons why:

For a tooth to be weaker or soft, you need to experience an incident that would harm your teeth as they’re growing. Apart from the wisdom teeth, teeth development usually ends around age 14. Thus, unless your baby teeth had too many infections or bacteria, you had malnutrition, a hormonal imbalance, or you were extremely ill, it is not likely that you’ll get soft teeth.

Although, this does not indicate that teeth may not get weaker due to irregular oral health care, acid reflux, or sugar exposure. Instead, it means that your teeth most likely didn’t have thinning or weak enamel or develop to be soft.

Moreover, in almost all cases, your teeth would appear different when they’re weak. Teeth may have unusual looks like bonding, chalky spots, or brown spots. If your teeth seem normal, and your dentist has never seen any weird findings, then most likely your teeth aren’t “soft”.

Now, if you’re still unsure about your “soft teeth,” then feel free to reach the best Cypress dentist. Just visit our official page or reach us through contacting our representative to schedule a booking and dental appointment. Contact us today and have your tooth professionally checked!

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